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14 Feb 2003
Core Functionality
CRM Implementation - Over the past few years Datawrite has led its clients to several strategic decisions regarding CRM purchases. Click here to read article.
4 May 2004
Tom Siebel Remains Chairman of Siebel Systems
Tom Siebel is stepping down as CEO of Siebel Systems today. He is turning the reins over to IBM Corp.'s former head of sales, Mike Lawrie. Under the changes announced Monday, Siebel will continue as Siebel System Inc.'s chairman after he hands off the chief executive duties to Lawrie, who stepped down as IBM's senior vice president of sales and distribution to take the job. This is a bifurcation of duties that has been elected by other major companies. "Mike Lawrie is the single best choice to lead and take Siebel Systems to the next level," Siebel said in a statement Monday.
22 March 2002
Homeland Security
The new Transportation Security Agency is using Siebel for its recruiting tasks. Datawrite personnel are working to establish automated recruitment communications for this process.
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CRM Consulting Services

  Datawrite provides consultants for the management and technical support of your company's CRM solutions including Siebel implementations. We conduct a careful business analysis of your current business practices. We help you develop a firm marketing and sales strategy to map against those current practices. We then use the resulting gap analysis to help you choose the most beneficial CRM software package.

Datawrite consultants help you put together an efficient implementation team and schedule. We then lead you through the entire process in a timely, efficient and cost effective way. We have found that by using the largest degree of out-of-the-box functionality from your chosen software you eliminate many administrative and upgrade problems. You will also be able to keep your implementation on schedule. We set up the implementation so that there are many of the quick wins associated with a successful engagement.

Our CRM implementation methodology includes:

  • Assessment of your current CRM practices across sales, marketing and customer care functional areas. Gaps are bench-marked against competition and current CRM packages.
  • Formulation of CRM strategy specific to your organization on the basis of your overall business strategy.
  • Preparing evaluation criteria for CRM product or customized solution and selecting a solution in line with your CRM strategy and business process requirements.

Siebel - Customer Service Certified

  • Developing CRM technology architecture along with its interfaces with your existing applications, so that deployment and integration processes and issues are foreseen and planned for.
  • Drafting CRM implementation roadmap & project plan.
  • Establish performance matrices and measurable targets.
  • Product implementation, limited customization, integration and deployment.
  • End user training.
  • Post implementation support.

We can provide services structured so that the system is fully functional upon completion, including installation of software on the server, setting up tables, importing and converting relevant data from other systems. Our design and development processes consistently deliver complex deployments on time and within budget.

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