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June 2012 - October 2013
Unmanned Influence Sweep System (UISS)
Datawrite Managed Proposal Development for this Unmanned Influence Sweep System (UISS) as a payload for the Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) with a stand-off, long endurance, semi-autonomous minesweeping capability to acoustic and/or magnetic influence mine threats in the littoral environment.
October - November 2011
Datawrite managed the Enterprise Solutions Integration Services (ESIS) Task Order Proposal for the DIA SITE contract.
August 2010 - March 2011
Joint Space Operations Center (JSPOC) Mission Systems (JMS)Integration and Sustainment (I&S)
Datawrite President, Chet Shinaman is the Proposal Manager for one of the prime teams.
July, 2010
E-6B Mercury TACAMO / ABNCP Block II Modification Program for Naval Air Systems Command
Datawrite managed this proposal adding the MR-TCDL system to the E-6B
July, 2009
SAIC E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Integrated Training System (HITS-M)
Datawrite managed this trainer bid for the USN E-2D maintenance crew including courseware, trainer and ILS requirements. Datawrite consulted using a blend of SAIC procedures and those included in ""
February, 2010
Datawrite helps WIN SAIC Non-Rated Crew Member Manned Module Trainer for PEO-STRI (NCM3)
This win completes a string of four years of winners for Datawrite. We managed this bid using an approach to this trainer which is an adjunct to the existing AVCATT for the US Army.
April - June 2007
E-2D for the UAE
Datawrite managed an E-2D surveillance aircraft solution for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from a current USN offering.
Dec. 2006 - Mar. 2007
Air Force KC-30 Tanker Program
Direct subcontractor to Northrop Grumman. Sr. Capture Manager. Managed the Key Technical Requirements as Book Boss on a $20 billion plus proposal against Boeing's 767 replacement for the KC-135.
Datawrite Inc. - Chet Shinaman


Datawrite, Inc. - New Business Development Services

  Now your company can receive the finest capture management, proposal management and writing services through a responsive, experienced team of professionals. We ask you to compare us to other new business development resources and you will find that:
  • Our teams are led by qualified professionals with over 10 years experience,
  • Processes are offered that will enhance your current system,
  • Personnel that have encountered all nuances of Government RFPs will dedicate themselves to your proposal tasks.
Our Business Development Background

Datawrite has managed personnel in new business management and proposal preparation in every major technology for all Department of Defense components, the Bureau of Land Management, Department of Energy, Department of Transportation and special customers. We have expertise in completing new business efforts from initial customer marketing contacts preproposal startup and marketing to final production and delivery.

Datawrite is expert in the acquisition process and in analyzing RFPs and RFQs ensuring responsiveness. This expertise has culminated in a 100% record of making the technical cut on all proposals developed. This work includes client relationships, site visits, developing preproposal strategies, strawman proposal development storyboard development, and the ability to facilitate review processes. We chair and supplement Red Teams and have managed the preparation of CR/DR responses and face-to-face discussions with the government.

We are also expert at training other qualified personnel in these skills.

Datawrite has recently consulted with a group bidding on components of the KC-45A Tanker, Aerial Common Sensor (ACS), Future Combat System (FCS),the EQ-36A S-Band Radar System Enhancement, the Spain Base Maintenance Contract (SBMC) and others. These programs involved Capture Management, Proposal Management and writing and cost baselining. (

Our Bid Development System

Datawrite has a system which promotes the accurate design of technical, management and cost baselines. These baselines are the cornerstone of a new program and a springboard for meaningful customer dialogs. Baseline development is critical to the writing of substantiated strategies and storyboards and to the development of meaningful proposal graphics and drafts.

Our team is experienced in all facets of day-to-day proposal development including client contacts, milestone monitoring, engineering, cost, logistics and management trouble solving. We are also experienced in creating presentations to illustrate proposal/program development status for executive oversight. We work with and monitor team members and subcontractors to ensure on schedule results.

Mr. Shinaman's publications include: "Building a Contract, Solicitations/Bids and Proposals," by Chester P. Shinaman, National Contract Management Assoc., Vienna, VA, 1990.

Datawrite incorporates current government practices into your proposals including:

  • ORAL PRESENTATIONS We develop and coach oral proposals
    We apply the Air Force's latest impact/probability techniques
    We have applied Willoughby's templates for the transition from development to production in proposal responses
  • TQM
    Datawrite was a leader in putting TQM ideas into practice for government bids
    Datawrite personnel helped form proposal teams along IPT guidelines to respond to RFPs as the programs would be managed.
    Our personnel have been developing Integrated Master Schedules (IMSs) and Plans (IMPs) since their inception in 1992.
    In 1995 we submitted one of the first electronically submitted proposals (a 2nd phase winner on JPATS/JSF).

Send for our brochure which outlines the Datawrite system for proposal development.


The Datawrite book on proposal development offers your team the secrets it needs to win major government bids. The book, offered in electronic copy only, covers the gamut from pre-proposal preparation through to BAFO. Secrets include how to put together orals that are interesting and can be most highly scored by the evaluators. The book is based on knowledge gained in over thirty years of bid preparation experience for Fortune 500 companies.

The book includes processes and tools for both the client and the proposal consultant. The author uses anecdotes that he has developed over twenty years in the business to explain and examine the traits of proposal team behavior. Tips & Tricks along with sage sayings add an aspect of entertainment and instruction to the subject. This book will help all of those with "must win" bids.

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